5 Types Of Happiness Woven Through Emotions

Happiness is a feeling that we all strive for every day. In truth, it is impossible to measure, much less to define. What is pleasurable for one person probably does not correspond to the desires of other people. There are so many different types of happiness and sources of positive feelings. From short-term and superficial, to deep and spiritually long-lasting. It depends on us. Numerous studies have proven that different types of positive emotions result in different benefits for our health.
Below we list the 5 types of happiness that a person can experience:


Pride is a short-lived type of happiness that can be directed at ourselves or our surroundings.

Have you ever felt happy because you achieved something that you worked for, or have you sympathized with the success and happiness of someone close to you?! This positive emotion is otherwise called “pride”.

It represents a selfless kind of happiness, especially if the success of others is in the foreground. Pride can vary in depth, depending on the achievement and the work required to reach the desired result.

A parent can be proud of their child for helping with household chores. Then it is about short-lived happiness.

But parents’ pride can last a little longer if their child gets the grades they worked so hard for together. In this case, the happiness is considerably deeper.


Joy is a very simple, momentary happiness that we can all understand and also one of our favorite types of positive emotions.

You feel joy when you see or do something you like. It is a feeling of warm satisfaction and satisfaction.

We can recognize it in everyday, small things, such as moments with our loved ones or simply, a hobby that we enjoy.

There is also passive, invisible joy, such as observing beauty in nature.


One of the easiest-to-achieve types of happiness is exactly humor. Laughter is medicine for the soul and significantly boosts our mood.

Even when we feel disappointed and sad, humor has the power to at least momentarily distract us from negative thoughts and recharge our batteries.

Funny movies, conversations, photos, or jokes can affect our mood, however much we think it’s impossible at the moment.


When you believe that good things will come your way, then you feel an optimistic kind of happiness.

She may not be overly demonstrative, but based on how your past has been, you feel hopeful that things are looking up this time.

Your happiness is brought by “bright” thoughts and hope for a bright future. Optimism is a type of happiness that relies on the belief that positivity will outweigh any negativity that comes your way.


Gratitude, unlike optimism, is established from the moment of occurrence.

It represents a noble kind of happiness. When you are grateful for the things you have been given in life, from material possessions to the people around you, you will feel undeniably happy.

Gratitude can also be felt when compared with others, hence other positive values ​​such as empathy and humanity grow.

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