Barbie Maserati – The most unique car on the market

The annual Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog always includes the apocryphal F. Scott Fitzgerald/Ernest Hemingway exchange, which allegedly began with the former saying, “The rich are different from you and me.” “They have more money,” Papa replied wisely. But it simply works so well! For real: there’s a $3,200,000 Cartier diamond tiara on the market right now that will “become a prized family heirloom.” Get to know the new Barbie Maserati – The most unique car.

The customized car

Yes, just in time for Christmas, Neiman Marcus is offering a customized car, as it has for many years. Over three million clams for a vintage diamond tiara might be a steal—I’m completely out of my element with jewelry and have no idea. Cars are something I am more familiar with. True, the Trofeo version of Maserati’s new sporty SUV starts at $103,995, while the well-equipped example we recently tested costs $122,225. And a sparkly pink Maserati with odd yellow hood stripes emblazoned with Barbie signage isn’t for everyone. That is why there is only one available for purchase.
Also, ten percent of the money (that’s $30K) will be donated to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, which aims to help girls overcome systemic second-class citizen thinking. A very worthy cause, so say we all.

Personalize your Maserati

Forget about the pink Barbie stuff for a moment and consider the level of customization Maserati was able to achieve. It’s a new show called Fuoriserie, which is (probably) Italian for “bespoke,” the most overused word in Britain. That means you can personalize and customize your Maserati however you want. That is, if you could obtain the rights from Hasbro, you could create a Snake Eyes Ghibli or Destro-themed Quattroporte, which, as you know, would be awesome. The hood stripes and cursive script, for example, are done beneath the clear coat.


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