#BBTitans 2023 – All You Need To Know About Big Brother Titans | A Guide to Supporting Your Favorite Housemates

How Much is the Prize Money For Big Brother Titans ?

The Housemates of this year are in Big Brother Titans to win $100,000


Pictures and Names of Big Brother Titans Housemates

How To Vote On Big Brother Titans ?

Big Brother Titans is a popular reality TV show that follows a group of housemates as they live together in a specially-constructed house, with the ultimate goal of being the last one standing and winning a cash prize. As a viewer, you have the opportunity to support your favorite housemates and help shape the outcome of the show by voting for them. Here’s a guide to voting on Big Brother Titans:

  1. Determine the voting period. Big Brother Titans typically has a voting period each week, during which viewers can vote for their favorite housemates. The voting period is usually announced on the show and may also be advertised on social media and other platforms.
  2. Choose your favorite housemates. During the voting period, you will have the opportunity to choose which housemates you want to support. You can vote for as many housemates as you like, but you can only vote for each housemate once.
  3. Cast your votes. There are a few different ways you can cast your votes for Big Brother Titans:
  4. SMS: You can vote for your favorite housemates via SMS by sending a text message to a specific number. The SMS voting number and instructions will be provided during the voting period. Dial *288#
  5. Online: You can also vote online through the Big Brother Titans website via DSTV or DSTV app.



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