Vacation Rentals in BALI

Looking for cheap Vacation Rentals in BALI?

You get tired of working all year round like a busy bee and there is nothing more than a vacation or getaway that will make you feel better! You even have the perfect place decided ” BALI”. The only thing left to do now is to find some cheap vacation rentals. We have you covered.

Vacation Rental in bali

Bali is the perfect blend of nature, people, culture, lifestyle, luxury, nightlife, and beautiful accommodations. Dazzling beaches attract sunseekers and surfers. From pristine jungles to volcanic landscapes Bali ensures a variety of attractions for any traveler. Ancient temples are a solace for the wellness scenes drawing tourists. It offers luxurious cliff-top hotels and the most amazing nightlife as well.

Here’s a list of the cheapest Vacation Rentals in Bali

1. The Bali Homestay Melatai

Oasis cheap vacation rental in Bali

This breathtaking place is situated in a fully-grown garden making it look like a real-life oasis. It’s in the heart of the city which makes it easier to commute and go about your day-to-day tasks. This place is ideal for travelers who like to explore the culture. Available for only 37$ per night is also a tourist favorite. But it always stays booked so HURRY UP!

2. A Hut in Ubud

This bamboo hut overlooks a ground-floor pool and the rice paddy altogether making it for travelers to unwind and let go of their hassles. Certainly, this place is a blend of the perfect amount of nature and isolation. It’s ideal for those who are looking for relaxation and peace of mind. It’s up for grabs at 55$ per night.

Rental hut


3. The Tiny Tree House

This tiny tree house or better known as ” Lumbung House” nestled in the heart of the jungle adorns a private pool. At the same time, it has the perfect ambiance with hammocks overlooking the pool. Finally, the night view makes it a complete tropical paradise. It’s available at a price of 77$ per night.

vacation rental pool house

Lastly, wherever you chose to stay in Bali, you are guaranteed to have the most magical experience of your life.

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