Cheapest Vacation Rentals in Bali


It’s that time of the year! You got tired of working like a busy bee, and the only thing to make you feel better now is a good long vacation or a good getaway.

You have the perfect place in mind  BALI.   The only thing left to do now is to find the cheapest vacation Rentals in BALI. Well, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect blend of culture, nature, people, activities, and beautiful accommodations.  From dazzling beaches for sun-seekers and surfers to ancient temples for wellness travelers. From pristine jungles, volcanic landscapes, and luxury clifftop hotels to wild nightclubs it’s a place where everyone can find solace.

It’s safe to say that Bali is indeed heaven on earth.

Vacation Rentals in BALI


Here’s a list of some cheap Vacation Rentals in Bali.

1. Tiny Treehouse with Pool

This tiny treehouse better known as the Lumbung house is nestled in the heart of tropical nature with a private pool. With the perfect ambiance, it consists of hammocks that allow you to take a breathtaking view of the jungles. A per night stay here is around 78$.

vacation rental pool house

2. Hut in Ubud

Rental hut

This uniquely designed Bamboo hut is the perfect place for people who like to unwind and relax away from the world and closer to nature. This entire villa is up for grabs at a reasonable price of just 55$ per night. It includes a rice paddy, pool, living area, and bedroom.

3. Bali Homestay Melati

Oasis cheap vacation rental in Bali

This place is situated within the city inside a fully-grown garden and looks like a real oasis. This is enjoyable for people who want to explore the culture in Bali and like to stay close to the population. It is available for only 37$ per night. It’s also a tourist favorite as it is always booked. So hurry up!


Also if you are a Bali native looking to make some extra cash try putting up your beautiful place for rent on Bnb.


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