Christmas Crafts

Christmas spirit kicks off way before the 25th for a lot of us. Some of us go off and beyond and start decorating early. Sparkling ornaments, glowy lights, and Christmas bows transform your house into a winter wonderland. The holiday spirit is not complete without a fully decorated Christmas tree. The warming flow of red and green hung stockings completes the look. But trying to come up with new decor ideas is quite a hassle. To spark creativity we have compiled a list of innovative Christmas Decor Crafts you can easily recreate at home.

Browsing through these ideas, you will find the motivation to turn your home into the perfect little haven.


Bulbs to Pears

Reuse old light bulbs by hot gluing sage green and metallic gold around them. This makes them look like pears. Finally, add a twig and a papercut leaf at the edge to complete the look.

Gilded Candle Holders

Either you have an old glass or any glass container. It’s amazing what you can create with it. Add some gold leaf to the glass. Finally, place an aromatic candle in it. This makes the perfect gilded and elegant candle holder.

Picture and Cards

Tie some greens to a wooden hanger and clip Christmas cards and family pictures on it. Basically, this decor helps you save all those memories.

More Candles

Rev up your mantle by adding candles of different heights. Don’t forget to add some festive greenery. Altogether, this creates a monochromatic look.

different size candles

 Casting A Warm Glow

Fill up old glass lanterns with twinkling LEDs. Certainly, these lanterns will create an alluring warm glow.

Led christmas ornament

Create different felt ornaments

Christmas craft felt ornament

Despite filling your ornaments, if you still feel like they aren’t enough. Try making different unique shapes and sizes of these ornaments from felt.


Christmas is a joyous occasion. Nonetheless, its spirit is about the coming together of people. Apart from the decor, it should be celebrated to its fullest.



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