Clean Makeup Brands

What we put into our bodies should not be our only concern. Going clean is the new way of life. Organic foods, and now clean makeup. We all need to be mindful of what we apply to our faces.

The Makeup that has a much less ratio of synthetic products in it is organic or clean. Moreover, these clean products are non-toxic and still effective. Lastly, these products perform well without harming the safety of the skin.

We compiled a list of the top brands that are a must-have.

9 Clean Makeup Brands

Honest Beauty

honest beauty

Jessica Alba starter honest beauty is a line of quality makeup and skin care products. The star of this brand is the Honest Beauty Fresh Flex Concealer, a medium coverage formula that lasts all through the day.

LYS Beauty

Lys beauty


LYS beauty stands for “love yourself”. It is founded by Tisha Thompson and is the first black-owned company to launch at Sephora. LYS also offers products that are high performing. Besides, they are highly pigmented and non-toxic.

Rose Inc.

rose inc clean makeup

Miss Rosie Hunnington Whitely founded her own brand Rose Inc. deserves all the praise. Additionally, they offer opaque yet blendable formulas. The brand showcases a virtual ingredient gallery on its website.

Tower 28

tower 28 makeup

Tower 28  founder Amy Liu launched this product in hopes for people to navigate the makeup market with sensitive, eczema-prone skin to find ultra-gentle products.

Milk Makeup

milk makeup

The first-ever vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand is always the head of its game. Apart from that, they are fun and easy to use.



Saie is the talk of the town. They claim to be your go-to for essential makeup.

Ilia Beauty


This brand creates clean makeup products, especially with organic bioactive botanicals.


kosas clean makeup

Kosas can be termed as a luxury organic makeup brand. Significantly their all-black packaging is what adds to the luxury.


axiology clean makeup

The most ethical lip and cheek products are by axiology. Undeniably the cutest packaging, these crayon-type cheeks, and lip-to-lid balms are perfect for everyday use. And if the packaging was not enough the founder added in a blend of different organic oils as well.



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