EGO – the biggest killer of love relationships

Very often we ask the question “Who is the biggest culprit for the breakup of a relationship?” This question does not have a single answer. Some will say that the biggest destroyer is a lack of trust, understanding, respect, or intimacy. Others say that jealousy, possessiveness, and monotony are the most common reasons for the breakup of relationships. Many people claim that the only thing they can’t get past is infidelity. But something we pay very little attention to is the ego – the biggest killer of love relationships.

THE EGO – the biggest killer of love relationships

All these reasons have their weight and we could not say which one is the most justified of them, because all people are different, with different understandings and priorities. However, there is one relationship killer that is so insidious that it sometimes goes unnoticed. He can destroy long-standing relationships, as well as those that have not even started. He kills great loves, but also sympathies that have just begun to be born. It’s about the ego. The ego is like a strong poison that clouds reason and blackens love. It is the ego that tells partners “Don’t give in!” and pressures them to stay “dude” until the end. The ego is the cause of most unsent messages. The reason for all missed calls. For all the unspoken words and unrevealed feelings. For all the conversations that never happened and for all the great loves that never lasted.

The ego almost always wins over love

Ego almost always wins over love. It is the ego that does not allow loved ones to admit their mistake. It does not allow them to forgive and move on. And to call their partner and tell them how much they miss them.  Also to tell each other that they still love each other despite all the problems, difficulties, and obstacles on the way.
Love cannot flourish if it is watered with the poison called ego. Over time, it will begin to wither and eventually dry out completely. And you will remain proud. Proud of yourself for not giving in and staying strong and that you didn’t let anyone play with you. Proud to have shown who is “in charge”. Your ego will remain intact, untrammeled,d, and magnificent.

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