Engineering companies in Johannesburg

The engineering industry is becoming more and more famous every year. The rapid development of technology is certainly a very important segment. The importance of this branch of industry is great for every society and that is why more and more people are opting for this sector. Investments in this industry also speak of the need and importance of the development of this industry. In the continuation of this text, you can read more about engineering companies in Johannesburg.

YNF engineering

YNF engineering is a level 1 BEE-accredited supplier in the armature winding fraternity. As a solely 100% black female enterprise in its industry, YNF has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a one-room 200m² workshop facility comprising only four employees. Under the watchful eye of a visionary entrepreneur Mr. Fritz Orren and with the support of his wife Mrs. Natasha Orren, YNF has grown from strength to strength and is today a multi-million rand entity.

Kenka Consulting

Kenka Consulting has been operating in the South African mining industry since 1997, providing expert Structural Engineering design services – primarily, but not exclusively, steel – to a wide range of companies. Greg Francis founded Maimela Francis and Associates in 1997 after graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1974 and working for a wide range of companies, including Dorbyl, Genmin, Batemans, Engineering Management Services, Lillicrap Wassenaar, Ledingham Reed Hunt & Joseph.


One of the many engineering companies in Johannesburg. SPIRALENGINEERING is your spiral screw material handling expert.
From system engineering to fabrication, delivery, and startup, we have you covered. This company is dedicated to providing its clients with industry-leading knowledge and expertise, as well as the highest quality in our installed equipment.

Civil and Projects Mabothemo

Mabothemo Civil and Projects (hereinafter referred to as Mabothemo) is a Civil Engineering firm. It was founded in 2007 as a 100% black-owned emerging company. The firm’s goal is to provide quality road construction and engineering services to the people of South Africa. By conducting feasibility studies, planning, designing, and managing projects. Developing the environment scientifically and economically to meet social and basic human needs.

ASPIRE Consulting

The make-up of the leadership and staff of Aspire is truly South African. With a balanced blend of age, gender, race, and culture. Also, Individuals possessed different skills feeding off and encouraging each other to ever higher levels of discipline and excellence.

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