Exercising Makes You Happier Than Money

Now it can officially be said that exercise really will make you happier than money. Of course, for this, you need the right circumstances. Several studies have found a connection between happiness and exercise, and this will motivate you to hit the gym today. Now, that it’s scientifically proved that exercising makes you happier than money – let’s find out why.

Exercise can make you as happy as a pay rise

In a study from Yale and Oxford, scientists asked about 1.2 million Americans about their exercise routines. In doing so, the researchers also collected other data on the respondents, such as gender, income, marital status, medical history, etc. This helped them find a direct link between happiness and physical activity. It turned out that people who exercised rated their mental health 43% higher than those who didn’t.
It has been found that physical activity makes people feel just as satisfied as if they got a raise.

Excessive exercise is not always better

This does not mean that you have to exercise for hours every day. The researchers concluded that excessive exercise may be counterproductive. It turned out that the best results were obtained by people who were physically active between 30 and 60 minutes, 5 times a week.

Some sports will make you happier than others

Researchers have also found that some sports have a greater impact on people’s happiness. Mainly, this includes group sports, mostly because they involve socialization. Aerobics and cycling had the same effect on happiness, although they are not considered group sports.

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