If you’re not camping or staying in a hotel, Airbnb has various lodging options for you, ranging from single rooms to fully furnished, multi-bedroom houses. So in this article, we help you: How to choose the perfect Airbnb. With millions of options in the Airbnb catalog, not to mention hordes of other travelers conducting the same searches as you, finding the perfect place to stay can be difficult. There are, however, ways to stay ahead of the pack.

Begin by scouting your potential location. You could look up online travel guides for the best remote spots or seaside towns, or you could ask family and friends for recommendations on places to visit.

1. Enter your dates first

It can be tempting to start searching through dreamy-looking locations, but when looking for an Airbnb, we recommend entering your intended travel dates first—if you know them. With the addition of dates, Airbnb will be able to display prices, making planning and decision-making easier. If a location has other restrictions, such as a minimum stay of two or three nights, specifying your dates ensures you won’t see anything you can’t book.

2. Utilize the filters

Make good use of the search filters available on the Airbnb website and app. They can not only help you reduce your options to a manageable number but also help you avoid the frustration of finding a seemingly perfect spot that lacks something you consider absolutely necessary. You can look for houses with or without Wi-Fi, specify a minimum number of bedrooms, see if a place has air conditioning, limit your search to entire houses, and even look for pet-friendly places that will welcome you and your four-legged friends.

3. Know your budget

Airbnb has accommodations ranging in price from a few dozen to several thousand dollars per night. If you don’t limit your search by price, you might get overwhelming results, especially in popular destinations. Most of us travel on a budget, so enter your preferred prices to ensure you only see Airbnbs that are within your price range. Give yourself a little wiggle room at the top end just in case you find something worth splurging on.

4. Read the entire description and reviews

When you find an Airbnb you think you might like, you’re going to look through the photos—they usually show the ambiance, give you an idea of what staying there will be like, and sometimes include local scenery. The host’s description will frequently include details such as parking restrictions, rules and regulations, the surrounding area, nearby activities, and available facilities (like a pool, a gym, or a washing machine)

5. Think about Airbnb Luxe

If you have some extra cash to spend on a special stay, Airbnb Luxe is worth a look. It’s the same as choosing between five-star hotels rather than settling for something that might only be adequate. To qualify for Luxe, homes must pass a 300-point quality inspection and be carefully vetted by Airbnb representatives.


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