lose a pound per day

Have you heard of someone who loses a pound per day? Well, this is my story on how I lose a pound per day!


Like so many parts of life, safe, successful and sustainable weight loss is more about the journey and less about a scale-based destination and rapidly approaching deadline. 


Without even trying to diet, this is something I found out that has changed the game for me. Read on for expert advice on the best ways to lose weight—and keep it off. 


Shedding weight sensibly is the way to go. It has been usually saying a safe rate is losing around half a pound to 14 pounds a week. With that goal in mind, here are some tried-and-true ways to drop pounds and keep them off for good.


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In the above guide, the expert has a long time in weight loss.


She puts her money where their mouth is and says if you don’t lose weight…they’re just not interested in your money. 


Do you realize what this means?


It means there’s absolutely no risk at all for you to try it…


The government regulators won’t let her say she’s getting a pound a day. 


But between you and me that’s what’s happening. 


And she’s doing it all using a “little” odourless and tasteless ingredient that’s ALL-AROUND US. 


Yes. This ingredient is all around us. We just never noticed it before. 


Notice it. 

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Let the joy bells ring!

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