Motivational Content For Tough Times – The Show Must Go On

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself hitting the ground hard again and you ask yourself, “How am I in this situation?’ That my dear friend is when you hit the low line after a series of highs. You get to a point where everything is all rosey until you wake up and all that you thought you had is all gone. 


How does that even happen ? Does this happen to just me or other people too? You continuously ask yourself these questions without anyone to give you valid responses. You start replaying the past, analyzing where it all went wrong, what move you did that had you lose everything. Or was it that guy you met on bumble who became an energy vampire and stole all your abundance energy ? You just never really know. 


The sad thing is whatever low you are facing this time, all the people you had around you during your high times are nowhere to be found. I do not understand how life is and what it really wants from us as humans. All i can say is, despite the ups and downs. The Show Must Go On. No matter what happens to you, you still have the courage deep inside of you to try again. Yes you will be defeated by default whenever something you want to work out does not.

Its part of nature. Its part of life. What if you had only one strike left and you finally get all that you have been longing for ? You may take some time to replenish, giving up is not an option. Trust me. When you start something, You have the excitement and belief that it will work, thats the only reason you have started right ? So after multiple times of trying and it does work, that does not mean it will not work. You are being tested. You are being tried. You have to pass the test and one of the highlights is patience. 

I can not stress this enough. For you to reach the summit or your end goal, it has to be worth it otherwise what is the reason to pursue anything in the first place. Find it inside of you to stand up, forget the pain, the embarrassment, the delay and just face your fears and try again. Trust me, whatever you are waiting for is already there. 


All the best. This is a special dedication to all the hustlers, entrepreneurs and anyone who is feeling like giving up. Do not give up.








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