New Year’s Eve To Do List

Make the countdown to midnight memorable this year. If you plan to stay in on 31st Dec and are confused about what to do. Well, you are not the only one. There are a lot of people who come up with the same question.  New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you have to go out to grand parties, deal with those expensive bar tabs and keep track of your friends in the crowd.



You can do so many festive things at home with close friends, family, and your partner. We took out the liberty to make a list of activities you can do other than going out.

Things to do on New Year’s Eve

Bake A Cake

new year eve cake

A little sugar makes everything better, take the time out to find a new recipe and bake a cake. When you are done, decorate it and eat it. This is an activity that’s both fun and delicious.

Have a Sleepover in the Living Room

Stack up all the cozy pillows, blankets, and cushions. Call up your close friends, and family. All of you can stay up a little late and watch a movie.

Watch NYC Ball Drop

There might be multiple new years celebrations around the world but the celebration is worth seeing. The NYC Ball Drop is a breathtaking view. You will feel so cozy being snuggled up in bed watching the festivities on the screen.

Create a New Year Scrap Book

Go through your gallery and bring out all the photos you took and forgot. Snatch up a scrapbook and all those forgotten photos in that book. Commemorate your year with those beautiful memories. I’m sure you’re gonna feel so good looking back at all those highlights.

Take a Relaxing Hot Bath

Forget about other things. Get the water running, sync the Bluetooth to the speakers, and play your fav song. Slip in the bathtub. Don’t forget the bubbles.


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