Toyota – Тhe Largest Car Manufacturer In The World

Toyota managed to dethrone Volkswagen from the top spot in 2020 and managed to climb to the top as the largest car manufacturer in the world.
After a five-year hiatus, the Japanese giant Toyota is once again the largest car manufacturer in the world when it comes to new car sales. Last year, the Japanese manufacturer sold 9.53 million vehicles, while Volkswagen, which until now held the top, managed to sell 9.31 million vehicles in 2020.
Toyota vehicles are legendary for how they last practically forever, at least as long as you perform some regular maintenance at the right intervals. Some companies might not try as hard because they think more breakdowns mean more sales, but Toyota knows that customers prefer the most reliable of machines.

Toyota VS Volkswagen

Both companies saw a drop in sales compared to 2019. But the magnitude of their losses is related to their exposure to the markets that were hardest hit by the pandemic. Volkswagen’s biggest market is Europe. Here, sales fell by 24 percent, while Toyota is bigger in the United States. Where sales fell by 14.4 percent compared to 2019.
Compared to 2019, Toyota saw sales fall 11 percent last year, while Volkswagen’s sales fell 15 percent. In both cases, the figures refer to all the brands included in the groups.

Toyota Тhe Largest Car Manufacturer In The World

Toyota returns to the top for the first time since 2015 when Volkswagen took the lead from them. Since then, Volkswagen has embarked on a strong and expensive electrification offensive. With several important electric vehicles arriving this year. And with that, they expect to regain primacy when it comes to sales. But Toyota is also expected to be very strong. position.

Resale Value

Toyota’s durability is so well known that people are willing to pay more for a used Toyota. More than practically any other used vehicle. And as the company claims, over 80 percent of its cars from the past 20 years are still on the road. Which means that car buyers looking for a pre-owned vehicle will have plenty of options to choose from.

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